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Pollution Control

Pollution Control

Environmental Health is responsible for these areas of environmental protection:


Complaints regarding industrial, commercial and domestic noise are investigated by Environmental Health. Where a noise nuisance is established, action under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 or the Control of Pollution Act 1974 can be used to mitigate the noise concerned.

Most noise complaints tend to be resolved informally and formal action is rare. Where a complaint is complex, detailed monitoring using specialised equipment may be necessary and the investigation can become time consuming.

Where a complaint is made in relation to noise, contact should be made within 24 hours and the officer concerned will be able to advise and assist with any queries or concerns raised. If it is possible that the investigation is likely to become lengthy, the officer shall also advise all parties concerned and maintain close contact, throughout the period of investigation.


Complaints about odour are regularly received by members of this Team. The source, duration and intensity of these odours tend to vary considerably and some investigations can become very involved.

Most issues are resolved informally and formal action under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 would only be considered in extreme circumstances. Invariably, odours are part of our everyday lives and what may be offensive to one individual may not be to others. Given that such subjectivity is at the heart of odour complaints, the officer concerned will take into account the source, duration and intensity of the problem together with your location before deciding what action is appropriate.

Any complaints should be acknowledged within 24 hours of receipt. The officer concerned is likely to need to visit the location affected in order to assess the nature of the problem. The results of any such investigation shall be detailed to the complainants on completion.

Air Quality

The Council has a duty to monitor local air quality. This duty is to ensure the various air standards specified in legislation are achieved. The monitoring is carried out for: -

  • Nitrogen Dioxide
    • This consists of an automatic monitoring station at a busy roadside location and monitoring tubes attached to lamp-posts throughout the Council's area.
  • Particulates
    • These are monitored using an electronic monitoring station.

The data available to date indicates that the air quality standards, as specified in the legislation are being achieved, however monitoring is ongoing.

For more information you can visit our page entitled Local Air Quality Management and view or download our latest Local Air Quality Management Report.

Smoke Complaints

Smoke complaints can come from sources such as bonfires, chimneys and factories. Broadly, this Service will deal with complaints from domestic premises and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency can deal with smoke from factories. They can be contacted on 03000996699.

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